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The last remaining hyper-growth market for streaming services is mobile. Our patented mobilFlix technology delivers a premium immersive cinematic experience with heightened perceptions of reality. We aim to make Metaverse 3D conversion affordable for everyone

Delivers a perceived a 40 % increase in screen sizes.
Shows the detail directors intended.
Increase viewing depth.
Streaming is Faster.
Longer natural viewing sessions.

Services We Provide

Cinematic Experience On Mobil

Any video can be transformed to give vivid cinematic 3D detail. Viewers will be enthralled by the visuals and will stay longer as they enjoy experiencing natural visuals in a new, heightened light.

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MobilFlix is a new, revolutionary technology that transforms any video into a “natural 3D” experience on any mobile device – all without glasses.

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Audiences can enjoy any of their favorite shows or videos on their mobile devices in an extensively improved, more profound 3D viewing experience.

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Watching film and television

on mobile in 3 dimensional detail.

  • Video Monoscopic Enhanced Depth" - VMED adds depth and volume to any video, creating superior viewing and clarity. It can be used and viewed on any device.

  • Stereoscopic 3D - by interlacing the left and right eye, we create a 3D file which, when used with MobilFlix's 3D screen protector, allows any mobile device to be upgraded to a "no glasses" full 3D viewing experience. No Glasses 3D for mobile coming soon.

  • Internet Distribution on multiple platforms.

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How It Works

Through a lifetime of work in the entertainment industry, we've been fascinated by people's perceptions of reality.

The revolutionary breakthrough technology of MobilFlix mimics the way humans typically see, employing our visual cortex and eye/brain perception.

The MobilFlix stereoscopic 3D vision discovery goes beyond any 2D experience, delivering a premium-immersive tv or movie.

An improved emotional connection is a consequence of this new MobilFlix technology.

We allow the audience to increase its visual perception by staring into the action, maximizing the involvement of Metaverse 3D.

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