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Our Goal - affordable Metaverse 3D conversion for everyone.


• Delivers a perceived 40% increase in screen size.
• Shows detail directors intended.
• Increase viewing depth.
• Streaming is faster.
• Longer natural viewing sessions.

Services We Provide

From Your Originals We Transform & Deliver Multiple Products With Our Patented Technology.

• "Video Monoscopic Enhanced Depth" - VMED adds depth and volume to any video, creating superior viewing and clarity. It c...

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Watching film and television

on mobile in 3 dimensional detail.

Movie or game fans now have the ability to engage with real or CG worlds via any mobile device.

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MobilFlix is a cutting-edge Entertainment Technology. A revolutionary mobile product, allowing any recorded video content to be experienced as incredibly immersive 3D on any mobile device.

MobilFlix technology allows the audience to perceive 3D by looking into the action, heightening the involvement of scenes viewed on mobile. Meanwhile, users will see and feel the actual universe in front of them.

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