Convert Your 2D Content
To 3D

An Incredible Breakthrough for Mobile Video!

VMED – Video Monoscopic Enhanced Depth

Patented Technology

MobilFlix creates a proprietary video format that enhances the viewing experience of any visual content currently available on mobiles devices.

VMED – Video Monoscopic Enhanced Depth

After VMED Convert To 3DVR

Distribute both VMED and 3DVR on internet. Give viewers the option to watch in full 3D. A great way to keep viewers on line while at the same time renew old shows to a brand new experience.

A Cinematic Experience On Mobil

Vivid cinematic detail is delivered on any mobile device. Viewers will fall in love with the visuals & stay longer as they experience programming in a whole new way.


Intensified Detail - Boosted, Perceived Resolution.

True colorimetry, reveals colors within the frame as they were on set during filming.

Compression can be up to 400% less than the original file.

Applicable with ANY digital source.

Semi analogue process allows us to access with real scale, and with very low latency over the internet.